1 Minute Guide to the Different Types of Sunglasses

If you’re anything liek I used to be before I created this website, then you might not know much about the different types of sunglasses. In fact, you might not even know that ther are so many different types of sunglasses! So to make things easier for you while you play catch-up, I’ve created this quick guide into the most common types of sunglasses. I’ve designed the guide in such a way that it only takes a minute or two to read, to get you up to speed quickly and conveniently.


aviatorsTimeless aviators have a dark alloy framework and lenses that are smoked or reflective. The big lenses were designed to obstruct the sunlight from all angles (which is why they were worn by aviators in the day) and appear great on every modern day Maverick.

browlineBrowline shades have a thick top framework that runs across your forehead (get it?) and extra-thin rims around the bottom half the lens. Colonel Sanders was an early browline lover, and now’s celebs carry on the retro-inspired custom.

retro-squareUnsure what design to choose? With its boxy shape and super- frameworks that are thick, you ca’t FAIL with a classic retro design that is square. Accessible various colours and prints for both gals and men, this is a go- to face size and shape. Appearing to nerd out a little? Attempt some of clear lens retro square designs instead (without having to get all studious).

roundJohn Lennon comes to mind with this iconic design. While the lenses are consistently round, the frameworks can be big or small, lanky or thick, and metal or plastic. Throw on a pair of these glasses and rock to the music!

sportFor the adventure-seekers out there, sport shades are defined by thin, glossy lenses tapering at the temples (you know, to help you work harder, better, quicker, more powerful). Got to fight with glare and improve your visibility, many come with polarized lenses that are special.

cat-eyeCategorized retro glasses and by upswept angles, stars like Marilyn and Audrey initially made famous in the ’50s cat eye shades. With feline prints and female vibes, this design should be snagged by retro fans appropriate around … meow.


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